The idea for improving for the thing which I feel tiresome difficult

well, first of all, I don’t mean to be offensive. I know “ask something with text” is really usual thing here, but for me, it’s so difficult to read English still, so actually I feel a bit of tired to do it sorry I’m so lazy =v=;

But if you drew some comic or pictures for asking, I’m sure I will understand it easily and it’d be so fun 0v0

So, I just suggest you to do it here! ( and, to asking with only text, I will just reply it with only text too. maybe it’s fair for us both, isn’t it? ^v^ )

Hope I will get your help, thank you! 

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    OMG D///< And i am not at home to draw you an ask T3T
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    Yay I would gladly sketch ask you anytime X3
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    This is something I’ve thought about doing in the past, but Tumblr makes it very difficult to do it, because it does not...
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